Here’s a couple of quail I did for a commission this summer — Quincy and Amalie.


Here’s a summer painting, inspired by the beautiful sage hills that surround us.



for the birds

Here are couple of new bird pieces from the last couple of months. “The Blue Bird of Happiness” was a birthday gift for a friend and “The Locals: Rose, Harriet and Beatrice” was made for the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy juried show, which opens Sep. 9 at Allied Arts.

new-ish work

So here are a few pieces I did a couple of weeks ago for the Larson Gallery studio tour, a wonderful event where you can tour artists’ studios and homes, check out their work, raise money for the Larson Gallery, and talk to a bunch of fun artsy folks. A great day.

Oak Hollow Show

My first solo show opened at Oak Hollow Gallery on Friday. It was a fantastic event and I’ve put together a gallery of the work that is up, which includes carved pieces, mixed media pieces, and some new paper mache/waxed paper bowls I’m trying. Enjoy!


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Well, now that the skies are gray and the temperature is falling, I’ll be inside on the computer a bit more, I have no doubt. So to catch up a little, I wanted to post the big piece I started at Centrum this summer. It was just accepted into the Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition at the Larson Gallery, a juried show that opens Nov. 7. I’m pretty excited. It was my piece last year in that show that I think really got me thinking that I could get out there in the world as an artist.


I had actually planned to do a series of 4 pieces, celebrating Central Washington’s roadside weeds, but really under estimated the amount of time this would take! As it was, it was a couple months in the making. I plan to do another similar piece using warm colors and a different weed this winter as a compliment to this one.

some new, some finished

Thought I’d post an update on a few pieces I posted earlier. I’ve finished a couple of the stitched pieces, using a leather punch to punch holes through the paper.


Then I started a new piece last night, on a whim. I like pears. I plan to stitch around all the pears, using a different color of thread on each layer. Good thing I have a couple of long plane rides coming up, makes for good sewing time!pears

new camera

Well, I’ve been busy busy this summer — lately with my new camera. While I’m looking forward to working with it next week during my artist’s residency at Centrum, I did get a little time to play this week. So this is a little preview of work to come.


summer vacation

I’ve been away from this blog for a bit, mostly because it’s too nice outside to be in at the computer. The yard sings its siren song and out I go to water or garden or just bbq. But I thought I’d post a quick update on some of the things I’ve been working on art-wise.

I got to go to San Fransisco about a week ago, which was a hugely needed break. I took along some smaller airplane-friendly pieces (meaning no carry-on paint, no exacto knife, no carving tools) to work on. These are 3 of the 4 pieces in a small series that I plan on hanging together at the show next April. I haven’t come up with a title yet, and they are still far from finished. I’ll add some painted accents, and maybe some graphite too. But I like how the sewing came out and it was a very zen process that complimented my trip to the busy city nicely.


weekend work

I had a little art time this weekend and did some experiments that I think turned out pretty well. I’m back to trying plaster and had some new ideas after a trip to Portland over Memorial Day weekend, where I was inspired by an artist who poured plaster into cut pieces of mailing tube then painted the surface. I wanted to experiment by the lovely surface that plaster has again and the idea of using something to contain it seemed like it might solve my problems with the edges chipping when I took it out of a mold.
I stopped by one of my favorite treasuring-hunting spots on Saturday, the ReStore, which sells donated used hardware and lumber and house stuff. I found some interesting metal stuff that looked like it would make good containers for plaster, and a nice textural contrast to the natural materials I wanted to incorporate. So here’s what I came up with: